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From 1836 to today, Schneider electric has transformed itself into the global specialist in energy management. Starting from the roots in the iron and steel industry, heavy machinery, and ship building in the 19th century, it moved into the electricity and automation management in the 20th century. After 170 years of history, Schneider electric has become today the solution provider that will help make you make the most of your energy.

Acquiring the top brands in the electrical field like Merlingerin, Telemecanique, Himel, Clipsal, etc., Schneider Electric has become the worlds reputed name when it come to Energy management. Aikah Establishment is proud to be the Authorized Distributor of Schneider Electric product range in the UAE.



 1  1 1 Schneider Electric Power Components (previously known as Merlin Gerin)



The Masterpact NT and NW versions are available.
Masterpact NT - world's smallest true power circuit breaker with ratings from 800A to 1600A in a single frame size at 42kA and 150kA.
Masterpact NW, the high performance ACBs in two frame sizes - one from 800A to 4000A and the other from 4000A to 6300A. Breaking capacities in 42,65, 100 and 150kA.
Equipped with the state of the art Micrologic Control Units, which facilitate measurement, analysis, communication, data storage and manipulation functions.




Compact NS range which revolutionized the world of molded case circuit breakers is now available from 800Amps to 3200Amps.

The NS brekers are equipped with Micrologic Control Units, Which facilitate measurement, analysis, communication, data storage and manipulation functions.

The New Compact NSX range of Breakers available from 16Amps upto 630Amps with a wider range of Breaking Capacity ratings.

Both NS & NSX Range of Breakers are available in Thermel Magnetic and Electronic Control Units.




The Easypact range 100AF MCCBs from Schneider Electric. The smallest MCCBs are now available in ratings 15,20,25,30,40,50,60,75,80 and 100A with breaking capacities 15kA and 30kA. In 2P and 3P versions. Economic too!!

Also available in this offer is an associated type tested bus bar assembly for 250-630A with 4 to 12 way outgoing.



Interpact INS and IN range of switch disconnectors are available from 40A till 2500A. Also available are versions in red-yellow colours (emergency isolators) and versions with visible break.



The renowned Multi-9 range of MCBs is now available upto 125A with the introduction of C120 and NG125 models, with the existing C60 range. Available in a range of breaking capacities from 3kA till 150kA. Also available is the economic Domae range of MCBs upto 40A.

A comprehensive range of RCCBs, relays, timers, switches and other final distribution components are also available in the Multi-9 range.

Please also contact us for Schneider electric capacitors, earth leakage relays, toroids, breakers for special applications, a whole lot of accessories etc.





     SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC ENCLOSURE SYSTEMS (previously known as Himel)

All Schneider Electric enclosure systems are approved by a large number of international certification bodies including the U.L, the Lloyd's Register and the Bureau Veritas.



 1 1 1 Polymel GRP enclosures

Schneider Electric offers the widest range of GRP enclosures, an aesthetic offer for the toughest environments (IP66 & IK10). Made of self extinguishing glass fiber reinforced polyester. Maximum working temperature -50 to 150 degree C. Corrosion resistant, double insulation as per IEC60439-1. High impact resistance.

Sizes available from 310x215x160mm till 1056x852x350mm. (HxWxD).


 1 1 1 CRN sheet steel wall mounting enclosures

Sheet steel enclosures, IP66, of a wide range, with accessories. 36 sizes from 250x200x150mm till 1200x1000x300mm.


 1 1 1 CMO sheet steel floor standing enclosures

Sheet steel enclosures, IP55, of a wide range, with accessories. 19 sizes from 1000x1000x300mm till 2000x1200x400mm.


 1 1 1 CRSX stainless steel enclosures

Stainless steel enclosures IP65. 12 sizes from 300x250x150mm till 1200x800x300mm.


 1 1 1 OLN cubicles - Knockdown offer for customer assembly

Sheet steel enclosures, IP55, specially designed to make up form suites or specific application such as local networks, electronic components, PC installation, MCCs, MDBs, SMDBs, etc. 43 sizes to choose from 1200x600x400mm till 2200x1200x800mm.



(previously known as Telemecanique)


the motor starter system solutions from Schneider Electric , dubbed "Tesys" (Telemecanique Systems) featuring an array of integrated solutions for a whole lot of motor starter applications. The new range integrates contactors, overload relays, motor circuit breakers, speed drives, and other motor components with new system tools and philosophy that stresses on safety, flexibility, convenience, reliability, performance, compatibility and user friendliness.


 1 1 1 TESYS Contactors

They come with an array of safety features and high performance guarantee in accordance with IEC947-4-1. Operational ambient up to 60 degree C. Each contactor is equipped with a pair of auxiliary contacts (NO + NC).

Available with standard screw clamp connection as well as with spring terminal technology (up to 18.5kW) which makes connections easier and prevents overheating, avoids the need for constant retightening.
No tool required for changing AC coils. DC coils supplied with built-in surge suppressors.
The range includes D range contactors from 9A till 150A, overload relays, enclosed motor starters and motor circuit breakers (up to 110kW). The standard LC1-F range of contactors are available from 115A till 800A.

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 1 1 1 TESYS Tego Power - An exclusive connection technology with no wire and no tool

Using simple modules, this technology enables a configuration of up to 8 motor starters (for a total of 30kW) to be assembled in three stages. Using the QUICKFIT technology, it provides long term reliable connections, no risk of errors, connections unaffected by shocks and vibrations. Provides IP40 protection. Eliminates all wiring errors.

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 1 1 1 Soft Starters and Variable Speed Drives

An array of state of the art soft starters and variable speed drives:

Soft Starters
ATS01 For simple machines 0.37kW - 75kW
ATS48 For complex machines 4kW - 1200kW
Variable Frequency Drives
ATV12 For simple machines and standard torque 0.18kW - 4kW
ATV21 For simple machines and Standard torque 0.75kW - 75kW
ATV312 For simple machines and Standard torque 0.18kW - 15kW
ATV61 For complex machinesStandard and high torque 0.75kW - 800kW
ATV71 For high power machinesStandard and high torque 0.37kW - 630kW

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 1 1 1 Zelio Logic - a high performance logic module for multiple applications

Schneider Electric introduces the Zelio - a simple, total efficiency, high performance logic module for a variety of applications - pump control, parts counting, lighting and access control, escalators, etc.

The Zelio offer comprises of 8 timers, 8 four digit counters, 8 analogue comparators, 4 clocks, 15 auxiliary relays, etc. 6/12 inputs and 4/8 outputs. 24VDC and 100-240VAC. Type reference SR1. Available with programming software and PC connection cable.
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 1 1 1 Harmony - the improvised range of indication products with protected LED

An exhaustive range of pushbuttons, indication lamps, control stations, etc. from Schneider Electric. Aesthetic and ergonomic, improved life with "protected LED" technology, low consumption, minimum heating and high vibration resistance. Available in 22 dia plastic (style 5) and metal (style 4) as well as 16mm dia plastic (style 6).

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Also available in the Schneider Electric family is wide range of limit switches, pressure switches, inductive and capacitive proximity sensors, photo sensors, multi-purpose plug in relays, control relays, phase failure / level control relays, timers, etc.






(previously known as Clipsal)

Aikah Establishment is proud to be the official Distributor for the Schneider Electric Wiring Devices and Cable Management Solutions. Targeting the Middle East market and offering the complete range of Wiring Devices for residential and commercial applications.

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